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ECOTrim 3 1/8 in

ECOTrim 3 1/8 in

Light-Sport & Experimental Aircraft

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Aircraft Automation ECOTrim System Carlos Panel

Reduce Your Workload When Flying

You can now adjust the pitch, roll, and yaw of your light-sport or experimental aircraft even when your SuperECO Autopilot is disconnected

  • Hold Control Surfaces

    Climb, descend, or maintain a desired flight attitude using our carbon fiber trim tab technology

  • Add Redundancy

    Fly your airplane in case of a mechanical linkage disconnect thanks to its joystick

  • Auto Adjust

    Time to take-off or land? Just click on the red knob and your trim tabs will immediately center

  • Reduce Workload

    Instantly reduce manual input from your primary flight controls

  • Reduce Fatigue

    Improve your alertness, performance, and judgment during long flights

  • Automatic Light Diming

    Your trim position is shown on the instrument by two arrays of LEDs that have automatic night diming

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You Are Always in Control

Unlike traditional trim controllers, the ECOTrim System doesn’t have any mechanical links with flight controls; therefore, you can easily override it at any time by taking control of your stick or yoke

The ECOTrim System Is Your Ideal Trim Tab Companion

Mount it on your panel as a stand-alone instrument or connect it to your pilot and/or copilot stick or yoke with a pre-wired harness to start using your hat switch for trimming

Aircraft Automation SuperECO Autopilot ECOTrim System

Pair It With Your SuperECO Autopilot

The ECOTrim System is fully compatible with the SuperECO Autopilot via the DB15 RS-232 port or it can also be used as a stand-alone instrument


Install It in Less Than a Day

The carbon fiber trim tabs and servos can be bolted, riveted, or adhered using industrial-strength waterproof adhesives to the aileron, elevator, and rudder and the ECOTrim System can be easily mounted on your panel as a 3 1/8” or 2 1/4" in stand-alone standard instrument

Aircraft Automation SuperECO Autopilot Carlos Leon Panel Integration

Seamless System Integration

The ECOTrim System is fully independent of your primary flight controls, which makes it extremely reliable, light, safe, and easy to install


What About Flutter?

To avoid flutter, you must rebalance your aileron, elevator, and rudder after installing your trim tabs. You must also ensure that you have selected the ideal trim tab size for your aircraft. After installation, you should be able to maintain full manual control authority even at full-scale deflection. We recommend that you watch our trim tab installation video for more information

Try It for 30 Days, Risk Free

The ECOTrim System comes with a risk-free money-back guarantee within 30 days after you receive your unit plus a 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

What's inside the Box?

The standard kit comes with everything you need to get flying. If you already own a SuperECO Autopilot Kit, you only need to purchase the ECOTrim System controller as a stand-alone device

Customer Reviews

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Trim System

I installed the ECO Trim System in my Tailwind W10 last year (2022) and I'm impressed with its effectiveness on this aircraft type. I chose the 3 axis kit and have been so pleased with the results that I have purchased the ECO Autopilot system to compliment and increase its cockpit functionality. The install instructions were very thorough and I would consider them intuitive. If you are even somewhat mechanically inclined you should have no trouble with the installation process. The most time consuming part of the whole install on my aircraft was routing the servo wires and that will be different for each different aircraft application. It was not difficult, just time consuming. Bottom line, it's a great simplistic system that sure reduces the pilot work load.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it during IFR conditions?

No, the ECOTrim System can only be used for day VFR flight guidance, IFR is not approved

How does it handle turbulance?

The trim tabs are aerodynamic amplifiers. The effort exerted on them is minimal but the end result is exponential. They are fast-acting and thus produce an instant reaction on flying surfaces. That's why they are so good at handling turbulence

How often do I need to replace my trim tabs?

We use Hitec metal gear servos and carbon fiber trim tabs riveted to aviation-grade hinges. There is no reason why they should wear, in fact, our test airplane has over 500 AP hours since 2015 when we first installed the RC servo trim tabs. These servos have yet to be replaced

Can I make my own trim tabs?

Yes, you need to make sure that your aileron, elevator, rudder, and trim tabs are balanced to avoid flutter at high speeds. You must have manual control authority even at full-scale deflection of your trim tabs

Does the trim tab weight affect the balance of my control surfaces?

Yes, although the trim tab servo kit weighs 5 ounces, it may affect the balance of your control surfaces. To avoid flutter, surfaces need to be balanced. If you experience flutter, immediately reduce the speed of the aircraft by reducing power and raising the nose

Do I need to balance my aileron and elevator?

Yes, all flying surfaces should be balanced after the trim tab is installed. Some people remove the servo and install it further forward to reduce weight and counterweight

How much speed can it handle?

The standard trim tab kit is ideal for airplanes cruising at speeds between 100 and 180 knots. For aircraft outside these cruising speeds, please email us at for custom trim tabs

What happens when the ECOTrim System is off?

When the ECOTrim System is off, the trim tabs are still active. The system will correct for excessive or unwanted pilot inputs beyond a roll or pitch limit

How does the yaw damper work?

The yaw damper has a servo cable wired to an extra connector in the back of the ECOTrim System. When inactive, it will work as a yaw trim, helping you remove prolonged pressure on the pedals. In this case, you will be able to trim your yaw using the knob. When active, the ECOTrim System will maintain the airplane coordinated, which means that the rudder will turn accordingly to maintain the ball in the center even during turbulence

Can I use it side by side with the iLevil AP?

Yes, the ECOTrim System also integrates with the iLevil AP. They talk to each other to synchronize Heading Bug, Altitude Preselect, Vertical speed, and Barometric pressure. They are connected via the RS-232 port

Is it compatible with Ray Allen’s trim system?

No, Ray Allen is designed as a very responsive trim; therefore, it is very slow reacting, and not suitable for autopilot use.  Furthermore, their servos have a different interface