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Flush Servo Mount With Waterproof Servo

Flush Servo Mount With Waterproof Servo

Part #3900161A

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Product Specifications

This flush mount kit has been designed for higher-speed aircraft where drag may be an issue. It's nice looking and appealing. Makes an excellent installation on aluminum and composite aircraft. Easy to install yet durable and reliable. All CNC machined 6061 transparent anodized (paintable) aluminum makes it ideal for any aircraft.

The kit contains:

- CNC machined transparent anodized aluminum servo base/plate
- CNC machined half nut plates with K1000-06 anchor nuts and 6-32 x 3/8” screws
- 3900058 Waterproof Hitec HS-5086WP servo with arm

To install, make a 2-1/4” hole, drill 4 fixing screw holes, and adhere the nut plates (with VHB tape). Then screw in the flush mount base. It can be done in ½ hour.

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