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IP-67 Waterproof Servo Kit

IP-67 Waterproof Servo Kit

Part #3900162A

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Product Specifications

The Waterproof Servo Kit is somewhat heavier than our standard servo. It can be used to adhere, rivet, or screw a servo to the fixed part of the carbon fiber trim tab. It can also be mounted remotely to alleviate the weight on the trailing edge of your Aileron/Elevator. The remote mount needs a 12 Carbon fiber reinforced 2-56 push rod assembly, part number 3900104A. This servo is IP-67 waterproof. It is recommended for airplanes that are not hangered or
for amphibians.

Servo Features:

- Features
- Model HS-5086WP
- Name Mini Waterproof MG BB
- Best Speed 0.15 secs/60°
- Best Torque 3.6
- Voltage 4.8 Volts, 6.0 Volts
- Height 31 mm
- Width 15.2mm
- Length 31 mm
- Weight 28.5g
- Voltage Range -
- Speed @ 4.8V 0.18 sec/60°
- Speed @ 6.0V 0.15 sec/60°
- Torque @ 4.8V 3
- Torque @ 6.0V 3.6
- Gears Metal gears
- Spline 24T
- Bearings Dual Ball Bearing
- Motor Type 3-Pole Cored Motor

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