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1/2 Piano Hinge 1 FT Anodized, Machined, and Drilled

1/2 Piano Hinge 1 FT Anodized, Machined, and Drilled

Part #3900031A

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Product Specifications

This hinge comes pre-machined and drilled. It is designed to be riveted on flat aluminum surfaces. Best results can be achieved by using 3/32 in aluminum blind rivets (PN 3900120). MAKE SURE THE HINGE IS ASSEMBLED TO THE MOVING CARBON FIBER TRIM TAB TO GUARANTEE STRAIGHTNESS.Mil-Spec Continuous Hinge, transparent 5052 Anodized aluminum.

- Machined Length: 12 in
- Thickness: 0.032
- Open: 0.75 in
- Pin: 0.063 in (PN 3900049 not included)
- Knuckle: 0.500 in
- 12 of 1/16 holes spaced at one interval to sync with carbon fiber trim tab perforations. Rivet with PN 3900029 rivet or PN 3900120 rivet.
- Extra 1/16 in the hole at end knuckle to house cotter pin (PN 390009).

NOTE: only half hinge is provided with this item. Order two half hinges (PN 3900031A) and one hinge pin (PN 3900049) to make a complete 12-in-length hinge.

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