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Wide Machined and Undrilled Hinge for Riveting on Flat Aluminum Surfaces

Wide Machined and Undrilled Hinge for Riveting on Flat Aluminum Surfaces

Part #3900041A

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Product Specifications

Clear Anodized 5052 aluminum hinge to be used for riveting trim tabs to flat surfaces or sandwiched between two sheets. This hinge is wider than the standard trim tab hinge usually provided. The 0.66 in width (excluding knuckle) of this half hinge (compared to 0.25 in of the standard hinge) makes greater space for riveting.
Half hinge shares the same pin size and knuckles as our standard hinges; therefore, they will fit our trim tabs.

Machined Length: 12 in
Thickness: 0.032
Open: 1.5 in
Pin: 0.063 in (PN 3900049 not included)
Knuckle 0.500 in
These half hinges are undrilled except for the extra 1/16 in the hole at the end knuckle to house the cotter pin (PN 390009).

NOTE: only half hinge is provided with this item. Order one-half hinge (PN 3900041A), one-half hinge (PN 3900031A), and one hinge pin (PN 3900049) to make a complete 12-in-length trim tab hinge.

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Customer Reviews

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T Keaten
Awesome Customer Service

I decided to rivet my trim tabs to the elevator and flaperon instead of using the 3M tape. Carlos and his team were very responsive to my questions and provided the solution with their perfectly matched half hinges. Here's a picture of the servo and hinge mounted on the underside of the elevator. Thank you!